Simple daily action to achieve massive results

Simple daily action to achieve massive results

One of the simplest ways to reach long-term goals is to break down the goal into something you can do daily. Something small enough that it can be done everyday, not consume too much of your time, and build momentum. The habit is more important than the amount. You don’t brush your teeth really hard once a week. Proper dental health comes from daily flossing.

This is similar to the power of ridiculously tiny goals like one push-up everyday that I will talk about in the future.

This daily action is the most precise way to know you are getting closer to your goal. You know whether you are winning or not. Did you do the action or not? It’s such a simple concept. The only thing you have to do is the daily action. It’s not necessary to block it in your schedule, it’s not a 12 hour once a month marathon of goal crushing that you will eventually avoid and give up. It’s just a daily action.

Let’s use some examples:
Lose weight – exercise for 15 min every morning. 
Learn a language – study for 10 min every day
Get more sales – call two existing customers and one new one each day
Catch up on bookkeeping – 4 receipts daily
Grow your network – connect with one or two new people on your social media platform daily 
Get closer to your kids – write them a note, send a text or video every day.
Get better at marketing – read 10 pages out of specific books each day.
Get better at writing – write 500 words a day.

Enormous goals can be motivating but also daunting. The magnitude of what you are attempting to do is intimidating, and we often get overwhelmed by it. It easy to get off track or fall behind.

I like setting goals that I can’t achieve as the person that I am today. So this isn’t about setting weak goals to hit. These reaching goals force me to become more than I am today to achieve them. Maybe it’s a skill set I need or a network I need to find or create that will help me achieve that goal. But then I set daily actions to know each and every day that I’m getting closer to my goal.

Having trouble with a daily action that will get you where you want to go? Send me an email, and I’ll respond with some suggestions.

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