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This coaching is for entrepreneurs, business owners and their leaders.

At some point every leader gets to a point where they think they are doing everything they should be doing but can’t fit it all in. It’s not working, or maybe it is, but they know there has to be a better way. This can’t be the way that everyone builds a business. Or if it is, is it worth it? Do I want to continue doing this?

What other kind of questions are you asking yourself?

How do I keep this up for the next 5 years? Why isn’t this working? What am I missing? How do I do this?

Every business will get stuck at some point because of the way the company was built and being continually reinvented by the owner and management team.

Every year most companies are reinvented in the same model they were last year regardless of what goals are set. Setting new goals based on what happen last year and just trying harder will result in marginal progress with tremendous more effort.

Business as usual and setting new goals, without changing the way you operate, is just adjusting the incline on the treadmill.

Same distance but it’s just a little harder. The leaders of the company have stopped growing and learning and are too consumed by the actual running of the business to find an alternative path. They approach every problem the same way, hire the same people, stack even more commitments onto their plate, and their strategy for growth is do more of the same, and work harder. They expect everyone in their organization to do the same. Problems don’t arise out of the blue, they come out of the oblivious. Things start happening that shouldn’t. Declining revenue, unhappy staff, production issues, shrinking margins, are all symptoms of someone not paying attention to something. Doing more of the same leads to overwhelm, boredom, company stagnation, stress, and a whole host of cascading personal issues that can be traced back to the business.
The good thing is that these are not new or novel, and you’re not the only one that feels this way. You have to ask yourself a different question. It’s not how do I do this but who can help me. The first step is to recognize that if you could solve this on your own, don’t you think you would have already figured it out? So, what is the alternative to the grind or the hustle. Yes, I know being busy is the new badge of honor but I don’t buy it. I’m also not going to tell you that you may never have to work hard but if you are then make damn sure it’s on the right things. Don’t sacrifice your health, your time with your family and friends, your mental well being, working on things you shouldn’t be doing.

This coaching is centered on prioritization, accountability, time management, elimination, delegation, focus, and habits to name a few.

We will look at what you do and why you are doing it. We’ll dive into your systems and processes because if you feel frustrated with any part of your business it’s missing one of those two. If MacDonald’s can run over 39k restaurants, in over 100 countries, staffed mostly by 14 to 17-year-olds then maybe you’re missing something. What you are doing is maybe important, and maybe needs to continue being done but maybe not by you. Maybe not today. And maybe not in the way you are doing it. It might not even be a priority and maybe some of it doesn’t need to be done at all. If you agree with any part of that statement above, then this coaching is for you.
We’ve all heard the truisms to ‘work ON the business and not IN the business’ or ‘work smarter and not harder’. But what does that really mean and what is the path to get there. They are simple statements, but I’ve discovered that most people do not have a plan on how to do this. Some of you don’t have the first clue and are too busy to think about it. Some of you hate those statements. You don’t hate the statement; you hate that you are living it. It doesn’t mean they aren’t true, and it highlights you need a plan. If you don’t have a plan or know where to start, then this coaching is for you. If you’ve made some strides but are still needing help to bring it home, then this coaching is for you.

We will start with where you are.

This is an iterative process and can feel slow in the beginning but as you make small strides in the beginning the relief is palpable. It builds from ridiculously small goals and daily habits to a new feeling of confidence and the knowledge you are doing the right things for the first time. Looking at your business the right way for perhaps the first time.

Most entrepreneurs and leaders feel they are working at 100%.

The reality is they are at 200% and there is a list of things they are not doing, not checking, not paying attention to, just as long as the things they are doing. Entrepreneurship gives you the freedom to work all the time but let’s make sure you are working on the right things even if you want to work hard. Let’s make sure you have a structure that will give you the greatest odds of accomplishing what you are trying to do.

This is direct access to me weekly via an online meeting for 90 days. Our time together will include online calls, weekly assignments, powerful distinctions, practical tools, videos and so much more.

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