First Purpose Course Material Portal


This is where you will find the videos, lessons, downloads and everything else you need for the course you registered for. You can connect with me, track your progress and move through the material at your pace. I’m excited to see you here because you’ve taken the next step in your self mastery journey regardless of the path you have chosen. This is a journey where you don’t ‘arrive’. You will never be finished but rather find that this journey is a lifelong discipline, and each leg of the journey gets better. You become aware that the steps that brought you here were necessary. This reframing helps your perspective of where you were and where you want to go. Your currently reality is exactly where you are supposed to be. The next ‘aha’ moment could only happen because of what you experienced before it. The answer couldn’t come before the question.
In the end where you get isn’t as important as how you feel along the way. I invite you to explore the truth and understand your connection to others and to have an acute awareness of who you are. I guarantee this awareness will lead to profound shifts in your life. What we all want at the end of the day is to be happy and we get there through creation and expansion. Self-mastery, self-exploration, self-transformation is the path that will lead you there and I’m happy to be your guide. Life is a play where you are the main character and you don’t have to follow the script you were given. We are not even characters that we are currently playing. Your happiness matters and everyone deserves to enjoy the play. Self mastery isn’t a linear path, it’s an exponential discovery so please enjoy this leg of the journey.