From Actor to Architect

From Actor to Architect

It starts with the truth. My truth is not the same as yours. Our truth shows up how we live and what we value. Not in our words but in our actions. Not in our thoughts but in our habits.

If we look at our habits and actions, they will tell us what we value. If we look at our surroundings, it will tell us what we spend money on. Look at your relationships, and you’ll know what kind of person you show up as. Look at your bank account, and you’ll see how you treat money. Look at your body, and you’ll know how you treat yourself. How you love yourself. 

So here is an exercise in the truth for you. Do it or not. I can’t make you. It will be uncomfortable but finding the truth is. (On the other side of being uncomfortable is the power to do something about it so stay with me.)

Make a list of all the things NOT working in your life on the left-hand side of a piece of paper. Things that you want to change. That are not going well. That you think are wrong, but you don’t know how to fix them. 

Then on the right side, I want you to start with these words. “I created this by….”

As an example from my life.  (I can’t write left and right side)
My son is withdrawn and plays in his room with the door closed too much. 

I created this by getting a cat that scratches and annoys him. Listening and allowing my wife’s fears about something happening to the cat if it was put outside, so it’s kept inside. This forces him to play in his room with the door closed. I also said ‘no’ a lot when he asks to play, so he stopped asking and retreated to his room by himself. 

That’s my truth, and until I did this, I didn’t see it. Part of it is my doing and part I’m allowing. With this knowledge, I was able to change it. The cat went outside, a new rule was created that my son plays in the living room and I created a date with my son every week. 

Without the truth, we are powerless and victims to our habits and mindsets.

What are you creating? If you’re stuck with something let me know.

For your success,