Four Steps to What You Want.

Four Steps to What You Want.


(create, action)


(do not stop)

This is a framework I use when I feel stuck. If my momentum has stopped. If something has stalled or has started to become more difficult. If there is friction, I’m stuck on one of the four steps.

To accomplish anything, I will need to go through these 4 steps and it’s important to realize what step you are stuck in.

Most of the time we are stuck in indecision. If you could just decide what to do, or you knew the right path, you would take action. Right? Maybe, but if you’re waiting for the path to be clear before you begin, you’ll be waiting for a long time. You must make the decision to start with what you have, what you know, your first offer, your next product, etc. Only once you decide can you take action.

Action gets blamed for a lot for lack of progress. If you have clarity though most people have no problem with action. Take a look again at what is the challenge. Not enough action often means you need more clarity. Make more decisions.

The second area most people get stuck is feedback. Our creations are fragile. We want them to be perfect. Great is the enemy of good though. Perfection is an impossible standard and prevents many good ideas from ever becoming a reality. Make some decisions, take action, get feedback and correct and continue. Finished beats perfect every time. 

If you’re having trouble moving forward take a look at the four steps and there is one or two that you are forgetting. 

For your success,