About Me

Let’s keep this simple.

I think an ‘about me’ page should give you a sense of who I am.

The reality though is that is hard to do.
You see, I’m complicated. But so are you.

I can’t be put in a box and labeled as any one thing,
nor should I do that to you.

And if we’re honest you are here to see
if I’m a coach for you so, what do you want to know?

I live in Nelson, B.C., with my beautiful wife Mona
and our 12-year-old son Joah.

How I became a coach

I started working with my first coach over 20 years ago, somewhat accidentally. The only reason I was there was because I had received an invitation to a free event. The family and friends I went with had signed up for the course and I wasn’t going to let them get ahead of me in life. Seriously. That’s why. At least I was competitive. And of course, I didn’t even have the money for it and funded it with my credit card.

I did not realize that I was the problem. It took someone else to show me that the No. 1 limiting thing in my life was me. What started with that coach was an amazing eight-year adventure of tremendous personal growth and financial success, along with countless mistakes, doubt, and tears. I’ve had many coaches and mentors along the way. I kept growing and learning. My income and happiness were only limited by me, and I learned that the best investment I could make was in myself.

I went from broke in my thoughts, my mindset, my habits, and my bank account, to self-made millionaire over the next eight years.

Finding the strength from within

My knowledge and experience come from beating a path through the forest. From being lost and confused and having to learn and confront what held me back. From having been brought to my knees multiple times and admitting to myself that I didn’t even like the character I was playing in life. Hoping there is more, knowing there is more, but confused on how to get there more than ever. 

It was never a skill set that I was missing. It was not a degree, a certificate, the undiscovered opportunity, or lack of money that held me back. It was all how I approached each obstacle or opportunity in front of me.

It is now my way of life. I’m committed to becoming a better version of myself. To never go back.

Guided by practical experiences

Now I spend my time learning about leading myself and others, inspiration, motivation, success, and the habits required, personal growth, productivity, accountability and so much more. Personal mastery for every area of my life. As I learn these for myself, I also get to share them with others. As I share, teach, and coach these principles to others I continue to learn, supporting my growth even more. I am forever committed to becoming the individual I know I can be, and I will work tirelessly to help you do the same.

I have walked where you are walking. I am still on the same journey. I have made many, many mistakes along the way. I share those freely so you can avoid them. Or so that when you make them, even though I told you not to do that, that it’s okay. We’ll laugh or cry, talk about how I did the same thing, and we can correct and continue.

My definition of success is a complete life—success in business, my marriage, as a father, fit mind, and body, and as a human being, among a few. Success in one area, at the cost of another, is not success and it’s not necessary. I can have it all. You can have it all.

My coaching style and how I can help you

I’m calling you to do more, be more. It’s what your inner being is asking for. If you can be honest with yourself, it’s what you ultimately want.

All my work is centered on this one idea that we are not living up to what we want for ourselves in business or life and what is needed is to double down on ourselves.

If we work together, I’ll tell you whatever else you want to know, but where I have come from is trivial to where I am going.

I’ve been coaching leaders for over 10 years and what I know is that you are your biggest obstacle. It’s you against you. The only reason you are not where you want to be is because of you. That’s a bit hard to take, trust me I know. I promise you one thing, though, that if you start to do THIS work, everything in your life will change.

The rest of ‘about me’ is inconsequential to this. I’m committed to being the best version of me and I’ll help you do the same.  

It’s time. Let’s go.